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Summer courses in Classics

University College Cork

Intensive Greek and Latin Summer School

June 20th – August 11th 2016

For the 17th year running, the Department of Classics at UCC offers an intensive 8-week summer school for beginners with parallel courses in Latin and Ancient Greek. The courses are primarily aimed at postgraduate students in diverse disciplines who need to acquire a knowledge of either of the languages for further study and research, and at teachers whose schools would like to reintroduce Latin and Greek into their curriculum. Undergraduate students are more than welcome to apply as well. The basic grammar will be covered in the first 6 weeks and a further 2 weeks will be spent reading original texts.

The tuition fee (including text books) for the 8-week course is €1900.

For further information and an application form see our website:
or contact the Director of the Summer School:
Ms.Vicky Janssens
Department of Classics, University College Cork, Ireland
+353 21 4903618/2359
fax: +353 21 4903277

University of California, Los Angeles

Intensive Elementary Latin
Intensive Elementary Greek
Discovering the Greeks Discovering the Romans
Classical Mythology
Invention of Democracy


(310) 206-1590

UCLA Department of Classics
100 Dodd Hall
405 Hilgard Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90095

University of California, Berkeley

Summer Intensive Latin Workshop
Summer Intensive Greek Workshop

A ten-week intensive program for students with no previous knowledge of Latin or Greek. In the first six weeks, students learn grammar and vocabulary; in the last four weeks, they read prose and verse works in the original. Six hours of instruction a day.


Tom Recht

Montclair State University

Beginning Latin I
Beginning Latin II
Greek Civilization
Roman Civilization
English Vocabulary: Greek and Latin Roots
Troy and the Trojan War
Intro to Greek and Roman Religion
Women, Gender, and Sex in the Ancient World
Selected Topics in Mediterranean Archaeology: Study Abroad

Most courses are offered online, take place over 3-8 weeks, and are 3 credits. Non-Montclair students are encouraged to register. Selected Topics in Mediterranean Archaeology is part of the archaeological field school at Genzano, Italy.


Prudence Jones

Jean Alvares

Dept. of Classics and Humanities
Montclair State University
Montclair, NJ 07043

University of Arizona

LAT 112 – Intensive Beginning Latin
LAT 212 – Accelerated Latin II

For more information on enrolling in Summer courses at the University of Arizona, see

LAT 112 – Intensive Beginning Latin
MTWRF, 9:00AM – 12:45PM
June 6 – July 7, 2016
Intensive study of basic morphology, syntax, and vocabulary of beginning Latin. Latin 112 is the equivalent of Latin 101 and 102 OR Latin 112A and Latin 112B; the pace is fast and the workload necessarily demanding. Students who successfully complete the course may advance to Latin 212 in Summer Session II, or Latin 201 in the fall term.

LAT 212 – Accelerated Latin II
MTWRF, 9:00AM – 12:45PM
July 11 – August 10, 2016
Equivalent of LAT 201 and 202. Reading and composition, prose and poetry.



Philip Waddell
(520) 621-1689

Dr. Philip Waddell
Department of Religious Studies & Classics
The University of Arizona
PO Box 210105
1512 E. First Street
Tucson, AZ 85721


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