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Getisk gull

Ancient Thracian treasures dating back to the time of Alexander the Great have been unearthed in Bulgarian tombs. Scientists believe the artefacts could be linked to the Macedon king’s family.

­The discovery was made in the biggest network of Thracian tombs in northern Bulgaria included horse trappings, a tiara with animal motifs, four bracelets, rings and golden buttons dating back to the late fourth and early third century BC. The treasures must have belonged to the Getae tribe that was in close contact with the ancient Greeks.

“These are amazing finds from the height of the rule of the Getae,” the head of the archaeology team on the site Diana Gergova says. Gergova and her team expect to find much more in the tomb complex near the village of Sveshtari, some 400 km from Sofia. The riches discovered show the site could be a major ritual burial place, possibly linked to the burial of Getic ruler Cothelas, said Gergova, a renowned researcher of Thracian culture with the Sofia-based National Archaeology Institute.