Ancient Roman-style meal to be served at Pompeii

(ANSA) – Naples, November 2 – Food in the style of the ancient Romans will be served up for the first time to visitors at the Pompeii archaeological site on Saturday, November 5, in an initiative by Coldiretti farmers’ association to link Italy’s history to its culinary heritage.
The inaugural event, to be held at Pompeii’s Quadriportico Theatre, will be attended by Luigi Curatoli, general director of the Great Pompeii Project; Massimo Osanna, special superintendent for archaeological heritage of Pompeii, Ercolano and Stabia; Italian Cultural Minister Dario Franceschini; and Coldiretti President Roberto Moncalvo.
The Pompeiian menu – gustum, primae mensae e secundae mensae – will be prepared according to original recipes and eaten in the traditionally historical ways in the original context.
The event, titled «EATSTORY – Here Food Has a History», will allow visitors to learn about and participate directly in activities surrounding cultivation, transformation and conservation of local products, Coldiretti said.
Food products prepared according to techniques in use at the time of the eruption of Vesuvius will also be available for purchase.


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