Alexander the Great Holiday History Camp at Easter (Cambridge University)

Holiday History Camp, April 2015

Applications Open for Our Next Camp, 5-7 April 2016

We will run another Holiday History Camp from the 5th to the 7th of April 2016. Please see Our New Announcement, and contact Dr Sally K Church (skc1000 at, or skchurch at if you are interested in participating. Places are limited!

Comments from parents, teachers and participants on our past camps:

“I just wanted to say thank you for making the course so enjoyable for [my son], and for all your help organizing the transport to and from the college. He really had a great time and made new friends…. Please let us know if there any other courses like this coming up. I’m sure he would love to come back!”  – A parent

“I would like send you a very warm thank you on behalf of [my student] who was positively enchanted by the two days he spent on the course. I also would like to share with you the delightful account of his stay that he took time to write for our school bulletin. Thank you again for helping [him] attend this event.”  – Classics Enrichment & Latin Tutor

From our questionnaires, in response to the question «Which roles did you like best?»:

“Cartographer as it allowed me to see the route develop as we progressed through the course”

“Historian, using sources to find the places and coordinates”

“The Data manager because you got to research all the cities he went to and record it on a map”

“The cartographer, as you got to see maps and plot the routes”

“Researcher because it was interesting to see the modern names for ancient settlements and the challenge of trying to find the relevant information”

“Cartographer, as I had to work out the best way to convert the positions”

“I liked being the researcher the best because you were able to learn more about the individual locations whilst you found their coordinates. You could also learn their names today, and how they changed over the years”

“Cartographer , because I enjoyed seeing where Alexander went and figuring out his route (e.g. he can’t go through mountains but he can cross rivers)”

“I liked finding the coordinates of places and watching them appear on the map.”

“I enjoyed the role of the Historian the most because it required gaining a good understanding of the context and situations surrounding the journey of Alexander, looking at why, not only where, Alexander went to certain places”

“Cartographer was fun because you got to draw the routes, but I also liked blogging”

“Blogging because it was creative and fun. Cartographer because I liked connecting the places in order and looking in the text to find his route”

“Researcher – I discovered and learnt about new parts of Persia and its history”

“Blogger! I’m a writer.”

Thanks so much  to all the others who helped, including Peter Cornwell, Marianna Fletcher-Williams, Dr Robert Harding, Jeanette Langford, Iyad Nasrallah, Dr Shadia Taha and Simin Zeng.

— Eleni


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