Agamemnon’s throne in Mycenae has been discovered

Greek and American archaeologists have discovered part of the basic throne that 3,000 years ago was in the Acropolis palace of Mycenae, as reported by the Greek media.

According to the experts, the new discovery is perhaps the most significant one with regard to the Mycenaean civilization, since archaeologists define it as «the throne of Agamemnon».

Part of the basic throne has been discovered very close to the Acropolis at Mycenae. The construction is described as massive, with a weight of over 50 kg. It is believed that it dates back to the last historical phase of the palace at Mycenae, i.e. to the 13th century BC.

The Tomb of Agamemnon at Mycenae

The communication of the Greek Ministry of Education describes the discovery as part of a large stone chair, whose base is composed of a concave section surrounded by a slightly taller and wider edge. This specific type of chair is identical to the alabaster throne that has been discovered in the palace of Knossos on Crete.American University Professor Dickinson Christofilis Maggidis believes that the main discovery and the three other pieces that have been discovered in various places in the ancient city of Mycenae are probably part of the base of this throne or of its decoration.

The discovery is of great importance for archaeology and Greek culture, as it is the first throne in a Mycenaean palace that has been discovered in mainland Greece.

Archaeologists have officially informed the Greek Ministry of Culture about their discovery and the opportunities to continue the excavations at the site where the throne has been discovered are currently being explored.

— Eleni


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